Android App Delivery (bespoke) Training Course

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This course is delivered in German or English.

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28 hours (usually 4 days including breaks)

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Overview Overview

The aim of this training course is to enhance the delivery and experience of native Android applications with a mixture of presentations and exercises.

Course Outline Course Outline

  • Billing – understanding more about the Google Play billing system
  • Optimisation – best way to optimise the app by optimising images, reusing views correctly
  • Publishing and using Proguard – gain a better understanding of using Proguard and the publishing processes
  • Fragments best practice – understanding the best way to use fragments and a greater understanding of the fragments lifecycle
  • Thread management and networking – improve how we handle network tasks, manage threads and being able to manage the lifecycle of a task
  • Database Q&A – more of a session to run over our own implementation to see if it's viable
  • Profiling –how can we incorporate profiling into what we do so that we can identify speed improvements
  • Grid layouts – we'd like to take a look to see if it would help us make more efficient layouts
  • Tablet best practice – see how a tablet app is best made and what pitfalls can be avoided before we implement our own experience

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4 2348EUR 2310EUR 2110EUR
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