Springboard Women Development Programme Training Course

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This course is delivered in German or English.

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7 hours (usually 1 day including breaks)

Requirements Requirements

It is designed for any woman at any stage in her life.

Overview Overview

Many women use the programme to get results at work, such as new qualifications, promotions, new skills, a new attitude to change and a massive boost in confidence.Others focus on results in their personal life, such as sorting out difficult relationships, improving health, dealing with stress and gaining a work/life balance.

Course Outline Course Outline

The Springboard Women’s Development Programme is a successful, award-winning development course for women. The Programme enables women to take more control over their own lives by identifying the clear, practical and realistic steps that they want to take and developing the skills and confidence to take them. Originally written for the BBC in 1988, the programme has now been successfully run in over 360 private and public sector organisations. The programme is often described as being the UK’s leading women’s personal development course.

What results can I expect?

Many other women who have completed the programme are better able to:

  • Deal with stress

  • Come up with solutions to their problems

  • Develop the self confidence needed to make things happen

  • Manage change productively

  • Assert themselves more confidently when communicating with other people

  • Balance work and home life

  • Set personal and professional goals and identify practical steps to achieve them

  • Present a positive image

Guaranteed to run even with a single delegate!
Public Classroom Public Classroom
Participants from multiple organisations. Topics usually cannot be customised
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Private Classroom Private Classroom
Participants are from one organisation only. No external participants are allowed. Usually customised to a specific group, course topics are agreed between the client and the trainer.
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Private Remote Private Remote
The instructor and the participants are in two different physical locations and communicate via the Internet
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SelfStudy SelfStudy
Self-study courses allow you to learn at your own pace on your own time. There is no live instructor involved. The participants use recorded video, quizzes and reading at their own convenience.
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The more delegates, the greater the savings per delegate. Table reflects price per delegate and is used for illustration purposes only, actual prices may differ.

Number of Delegates Public Classroom Private Classroom Private Remote
1 1650EUR 1650EUR 1410EUR
2 1035EUR 1010EUR 890EUR
3 830EUR 797EUR 717EUR
4 728EUR 690EUR 630EUR
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