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359643 Oracle 11g - Programming with PL / SQL I - Workshops 28 hours For who Workshops are dedicated to developers, end users and administrators, who until now have had no contact with the language PL / SQL, and the need to exploit its huge potential in working with a database, automate processes, and in building applications Exams and Certificates The plan covers the training material required to pass the exam 1Z0-144 Oracle Database 11g Program with PL / SQL and obtain the title of Oracle PL / SQL Developer Certified Associate Purpose of training The workshop aims to familiarize participants with the programming language PL / SQL, its capabilities and limitations. This workshop will include a full understanding of the mechanisms involved in the programming language PL / SQL needed to implement the logic of the free applications, automation of data processing and database management. The content of the training Introduction to PL / SQL architecture solutions based on this language, the organization of the working environment Create scripts and stored program units that operate on data Notes The workshops are based on the software version 11g XE Introduction to PL / SQL Runtime Environment Construction and types of PL / SQL blocks Declaring and using variables Control statements, decisions, loops SQL statements in PL / SQL DML commands DDL and dynamic SQL TCL commands and transactional SELECT Procedures and Functions Create and delete Parameterization Passing parameters by value and reference, nocopy Handling errors and exceptions Create and use cursors Records static cursors Parameterizing cursors Cursor FOR UPDATE Associative arrays Packages The structure of the package: the specification and body Section Initialization and global variables, memory management, an instance of the package Encapsulation, overloading programs, pre-declaration procedures Triggers DML triggers The triggers Drives (INSTEAD OF) The triggers system New features in Oracle 11g triggers Examples of application packages built Writing to a file through UTL_FILE Sending e-mails Management code and compiler Encryption code (dynamic obfuscation, wrap) conditional Compilation The relationships between objects Warnings
359642 Oracle 11g - Programming with PL / SQL II 21 hours For who This training is in addition to, and continuation of the 'Oracle 11g - Programming in PL / SQL and - workshops ", but can also be designed for practitioners, developers, PL / SQL who already have experience with the language, and who want to systematize their knowledge and learn advanced mechanisms and solutions developed in this language. The content of the training Objects, streams and complex data structures Advanced solutions based on PL / SQL Exams and Certificates The plan covers the training material required to pass the exam 1Z0-146 Oracle Advanced PL / SQL and obtain the title of Oracle Advanced PL / SQL Developer Certified Professional Purpose of training The training is designed to familiarize participants with the advanced aspects of programming in an Oracle database. The emphasis is on flexibility and performance solutions based on PL / SQL. Notes The workshops are based on the software version 11g XE Complex data types, collections Subtypes Cursor variables and dynamic cursors Associative arrays, collections Actions mass, bulk, forall Exception handling bulk operations Object orientation in an Oracle database Types (classes) methods of objects permanent Collections Functions Panel streaming Features Create your own aggregate functions Calling functions in SQL, constraints, levels of purity, determinism Organization of program units PL / SQL Permissions in PL / SQL Context name Integration with other languages Using JAVA Linking procedures C language Native compilation of the C language Ready solutions Create the application context Mechanism of Virtual Private Database (VPD) Support lobbying Profiling code Tracking code Productivity PL / SQL code Bind variables in SQL statements and the statistical distribution of cursor Sharing Objective query optimization Feather short procedures at compile Caching functions and query results Prevention before injecting code


Course Ort Schulungsdatum Kurspreis (Fernkurs/Schulungsraum)
Drupal 8 Themen Bremen Mi, 2016-08-24 09:30 980EUR / 1330EUR
GIT für Opfer von Subversion Köln Mi, 2016-08-24 09:30 980EUR / 1330EUR
Tomcat München Mo, 2016-09-05 09:30 2723EUR / 3373EUR

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