Apache Quarks Schulungen

Apache Quarks Schulungen

Apache Quarks bietet APIs und eine leichtgewichtige Runtime zur Analyse von Streaming-Daten am Rande von IoT-Netzwerken und -Geräten.

Apache Quarks Schulungsübersicht

Code Name Dauer Übersicht
quarks Apache Quarks 21 hours Quarks provides is a programming model and micro-kernel style runtime that can be embedded in gateways and small footprint edge devices enabling local, real-time, analytics on the continuous streams of data coming from equipment, vehicles, systems, appliances, devices and sensors of all kinds (for example, Raspberry Pis or smart phones). Audience This course is directed at developers and engineers seeking to utilize Apache Quarks in their Internet of Things project  
apakar Apache Karaf 21 hours Apache Karaf training is for developer and system administrators who need to discover and understand how to use Apache Karaf as an operating environment in the best possible way. Developers will learn the best practices for designing applications that fully integrate into the system, while administrators gain operational experience.

Zukünftige Kurse

CourseSchulungsdatumKurspreis (Fernkurs / Schulungsraum)
Apache Quarks - HamburgMo, 2018-05-07 09:304500EUR / 5300EUR
Apache Karaf - DüsseldorfMo, 2018-05-07 09:304500EUR / 5300EUR
Apache Quarks - NürnbergMo, 2018-05-07 09:304500EUR / 5300EUR
Apache Karaf - KölnMo, 2018-05-14 09:304500EUR / 5300EUR
Apache Quarks - LeipzigMo, 2018-05-14 09:304500EUR / 5300EUR
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