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3076 Canon Digital Photo Professional 7 hours Do you know what it is RAW format? Do you know the features and capabilities of RAW? What are the benefits of using RAW format? How to use Canon's Digital Photo Professional (DPP)? Do you use RAW Format in your camera? Do you know how much time can you save? Do you know how much can be gained by using it instead of a paid tool? How many times faster can make corrections? As in the second exposed image change color (White Balance) to the correct regardless of how it was irradiated seem. How to apply the correct color (White Balance) to the entire group of 100, 1000 photos at the same time? How to quickly select (deselect) the selection of the client / person images for further processing? How to reduce two types of noise (Chroma and Luminance) of one or multiple images at one time? How to brighten dark areas and darken the images very clear? If the answer to any of these questions is NO, then I invite you to training, after which you will learn to use the RAW format cameras, Canon, using free tools added to the set of a Canon camera.

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