Programming in C# 5.0 with Visual Studio 2012 Training Course

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Duration Duration

28 hours (usually 4 days including breaks)

Requirements Requirements

Knowledge of the basic phrases of software development.

Overview Overview

Target group:

Technical Team Leader, Software Developer

Learning objective:

The purpose of training is to understand the syntax of C # and topics related to object-oriented programming in C #.

During the course, students become familiar with the MSDN resources and tools to support the development process, such as Microsoft Visual Studio.

Course Outline Course Outline


  • Introduction to Visual Studio 2012
  • First program - Hello C# World !
  • Classes from System.Console namespace
  • Compilation, Debugging
  • Comments in C#, Main function, using

Microsoft .NET

  • What is .NET?
  • CLR and Garbage Collector
  • DLL vs. EXE?
  • Technologies within .NET

Foundations of C#

  • C# History from 1.0 to 5.0
  • Pascal Case, Camel Case
  • Keywords, Literals, Operators, Punctuators
  • Statements, Comments
  • Value Type, Reference Type
  • Assignment vs. variable comparison
  • Conditional operations - If, Switch
  • Loops - for, foreach, while, do… while…
  • Overview of C # keywords and operators

C# 5.0

  • Namespaces and types
  • Numerical and Boolean types
  • Class theory (Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism)
  • Fields, Properties, Indexers, Operators
  • Methods, Delegates, Events, Anonymous Methods
  • Interfaces, Structures, Enums
  • Arrays, Collections, Exceptions
  • Generic and Anonymous types
  • Strings and chars

Data Flow

  • Data modelling in C#
  • Access to databases
  • LINQ
  • Entity Framework
  • CRUD operations

.NET Class Library

  • Files and Streams
  • Serialization (binary, text, xml)
  • Asynchronous operations
  • Parallel programming

Review of applications that can be developed in C # and .NET Framework 4.5

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Public Classroom Public Classroom
From 3890EUR
Public Classroom
Participants from multiple organisations. Topics usually cannot be customised
Private Classroom
Participants are from one organisation only. No external participants are allowed. Usually customised to a specific group, course topics are agreed between the client and the trainer.
Private Remote
The instructor and the participants are in two different physical locations and communicate via the Internet. More Information

The more delegates, the greater the savings per delegate. Table reflects price per delegate and is used for illustration purposes only, actual prices may differ.

Number of Delegates Public Classroom Private Remote
1 3890EUR 3690EUR
2 2465EUR 2340EUR
3 1990EUR 1890EUR
4 1753EUR 1665EUR
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