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Gimp Schulungen

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Gimp Schulungsübersicht

Code Name Dauer Übersicht
gimpintro Einführung in Gimpshop 14 hours This course has been created for people who want to learn how to edit images with gimpshop. Fire up the GIMP Known Platforms (Linux, MacOS, Windows) Language Command Line Arguments Using Gimp Who's Wilber? Basic Concepts Main Windows The Main Toolbox Image Window Dialogs and Docking Undoing and Things That Cannot be Undone Change the Size of an Image (Scale) Make JPEGs Smaller Crop An Image Find Info About Your Image Change the Mode Flip An Image How to Draw Straight Lines Common Causes of GIMP Non-Responsiveness Preparing your Images for the Web Images with an Optimal Size/Quality Ratio Reducing the File Size Even More Saving Images with Transparency Painting with GIMP Feathering Making a Selection Partially Transparent Creating and Using Selections Moving a Selection Creating a Free Selection Using the Quickmask Paths Brushes Adding New Brushes The GIH Dialog Box Creating a Brush with Variable Size Gradients Patterns Palettes Drawing Simple Objects Drawing a Straight Line Creating a Basic Shape Combining Images Introduction to Layers Layer Modes Creating New Layers Text and Fonts Text Enhancing Photographs Working with Digital Camera Photos Improving Composition Improving Colours Adjusting Sharpness Removing Unwanted Objects from an Image Saving Your Results Pimp my GIMP Grids and Guides Rendering a Grid How to Set Your Tile Cache Creating Shortcuts to Menu Functions Dialogs and Docking Removing Tabs Customize Splash-Screen Scripting Using Plugins Installing New Plugins Using Script-Fu Scripts
gimpfun Gimp 7 hours This 1 day workshop will guide you through manipulating images for the web and print using the open source application GIMP. Downloading and Installing GIMP Improving Images Layers Drawing Adding Text Overlays Image file types Selection Effects and Filters Blends Masks Plugins Web Buttons and Banners

Kommende Kurse

CourseSchulungsdatumKurspreis (Fernkurs / Schulungsraum)
Einführung in Gimpshop - DüsseldorfDo, 2017-11-02 09:301820EUR / 2320EUR
Einführung in Gimpshop - PotsdamDo, 2017-11-02 09:301820EUR / 2320EUR
Gimp - HamburgMi, 2017-11-08 09:30990EUR / 1340EUR
Gimp - MünchenMi, 2017-11-08 09:30990EUR / 1340EUR
Einführung in Gimpshop - NürnbergDi, 2017-11-14 09:301820EUR / 2320EUR

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