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Wireshark Training

Wireshark is a free and open-source network protocol analyzer.

NobleProg onsite live Wireshark training courses demonstrate through interactive discussion and hands-on practice the basics of the Wireshark protocol analyzer, and how to perform basic and advanced troubleshooting in small to medium size networks.

Wireshark training is available in various formats, including onsite live training and live instructor-led training using an interactive, remote desktop setup. Local Wireshark training can be carried out live on customer premises or in NobleProg local training centers.

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nettbsws Basic Network Troubleshooting Using Wireshark 21 hours The purpose of the course is to provide the participant with basic knowledge of the Wireshark protocol analyzer. The course focuses on deep understanding of the tool, as the basics for using it for network troubleshooting. The course starts with packet capturing, capture and display filters, statistical features and the basics of the expert system. By the end of the course the participant will be able to perform basic troubleshooting in small to medium size networks. The course is based on theory, class exercise and labs.
nettbswsadv Advanced Network Troubleshooting Using Wireshark 21 hours This course is a continuation of the "Basic Network Troubleshooting Using Wireshark" course, and comes to provide the participants with advanced capabilities for network troubleshooting. The course provides an in-depth knowledge of network behaviour and problems, along with the capabilities to isolate and solve security and advanced applications problems. The course is based on theory, class exercise and labs.
muipv4 Understanding Multicast using IPv4 21 hours Transport of baseband audio and video streams across IP networks using multicast signalling protocols is becoming increasingly used in broadcast networks. This 3 day course/workshop covers the theory and practice of implementing these protocols within IP and Ethernet networks. The practical element of the course will use Cisco L3 switches and the multicast streamers and receivers will use the cross -platform VLC application. It is not necessary to have any expertise in the Cisco command line as the configuration of the devices can be instructor-led if required. However the course is intended to have at least 50% practical content and can be customised or even lengthened (to examine the protocols in more detail) if run as a single company event.

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