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JMM_BUY The Buyers Mind hours We all buy stuff but when we're excited or under pressure we can often make buying decisions that we later come to regret. A safe bet is to stick with known brands or a preferred supplier which often means paying more because it feels safer. This can be costly especially when you're working on a tight budget, or if the competition is beating you on price. So how can you increase your bottom line? Your top sales team will meet their targets and in turn be rewarded handsomely simply because they can move a lot of stock or services that your provide. However, this also means you an increase in work load, produce more, more wages, more energy, more logistics, more postage and packaging. As you know the net difference is your sales minus your costs which includes all the production costs plus the amount you pay to your suppliers. Many buyers will have a list of preferred suppliers which means they will ignore and accept the creeping price increases in order to save them valuable time spent in researching new companies because sticking with existing suppliers is a safe bet but it doesn't keep you or your business competitive. This brief course will give you an insight to how the mind of a buyer works. We explore the internal thinking strategies buyers use and the persuasion techniques sales people use to extract you from your hard earned cash. For example; Suppliers of NHS consumables, or suppliers of Military spec components will charge up to 500% more for the items found commercially which are identical in fitness, form and functionality. Buying is often overlooked as a means to increase profit margins. Forewarned is forearmed. Learn to recognise the 8 short cuts (S.L.A.C.K.E.R.S.) which our brain uses to save glucose when making buying decision. You’ll leave the workshop with the tools and strategies to rethink your own buying habits. Aims of the course include: Helping you cope with the way your brain reacts and instead implement more effective buying strategies. Helping you to cope better with uncertainty and retain control in negotiations. To give you a deeper understanding of your mind which will lead to greater calm during adversity. Outcomes of the course will include: Attendees will be able to improve their bottom line by evaluating their present buying strategies before implementing new ways to make buying decisions. BONUS Get to understand how the sales meta program works. (A brief outline of 'The Sales Hand') Learn how a good salesman operates on your mind.
myccmr Marketing for your company: Understand customer, do marketing right 28 hours Understand marketing. Touch your customers´ feelings. Prepare your own plan. Make your marketing and business in line with customer expectations and exceed them. Marketing introduction Historical development Which phase are you in? Drawing your own development Failures Typical marketing failures How to avoid failures Practical excercises Successful stories Analyses of successful companies Inside look Outside look Advertising and brand management What you can learn Customer Customer in the center Meet and know your customer Customer thinking Customer satisfaction Analyses Analyses of your marketing and business Making structure and improvements for your business Creating your own strategy Action Solving small problems Doing right things in the right time Creating your own secrets and difference Extra Be a leader Think like a leader
74888 Social Media Marketing 7 hours Why is Social Media Marketing so important these days? The estimated number of social network users will be 2 billion this year and is expected to grow! The business impact: 86% of marketers consider social media important 75% of marketers started using social media marketing in the last three years Marketing budgets shift fast to social media Social Media Marketing is beyond any doubt becoming more and more essential way of advertising your services and products on the internet. ​Knowing how to handle the social media marketing strategies, applications and other tools allows you to create cost-efficient campaigns and get ahead of your competitors. You will learn how to supercharge your customer in online environments like: Facebook Twitter YouTube Google+ LinkedIn You will learn the fundamentals of the social media marketing environment and learn how to create effective marketing campaigns and essentially know how to: Generate leads Create social media marketing campaigns Increase conversion rates Increase traffic Improve your search engine rating Improve customer experience Improve brand loyalty Reach more prospects with less effort Minimize your marketing costs Create exponentially spreading viral marketing content
adintro Einführung in Werbung 7 hours This one day course is designed for anyone who wants to manage and/or produce their own advertising effectively or is new to a marketing function and needs to understand how advertising works What advertising can and can’t do Setting advertising objectives, identifying the right audience and structuring an appropriate campaign plan Advantages and disadvantages of a range of traditional and ambient media Using a rate card and booking space How to brief a creative and other suppliers How advertising agencies work; typical structure and key roles The key elements of an advertisement; headlines, body copy, straplines What makes messages effective; using features, advantages and benefits; positioning; the principles of AIDA Using a response mechanism Other useful tools and techniques
3247 Facebook für Werbung und Marketing 7 hours Introduction What tools and the benefits of Facebook? Facebook as an effective tool for Social Media Examples of great successes on Facebook The attainment of the business: sales, image, activities Creating a strategy for building a business on the internet The foundation and to create your own profile Autoresponder. Setting facebook with WordPress Fan page, what it is and what gives? How to change the profile of the fan page? How to attract attention and gain new fans? How not to be reset? How to calm comments? How to measure the achievement of business objectives? Statistics - page Analytics Extras from Facebook for Business Positioning and optimization of the site on Facebook - SEO on Facebook Facebook in our company Gaining new fans through the "Like" (new) The "Like" Active ad on Facebook Integration with other services fanpage Social Plug-ins How do I get customers to promote any product / service among friends? LikeBox Facebook Connect Facebook Comments - effective comments Increasing effects Changing the design of Facebook - create bookmarks Discuss options and tools bookmarks Discussion of the successes and failures of competitions on Facebook - Talk Get more fans, customers and Promote your look with the contest on Facebook How to run a contest on Facebook accordance with the rules How to save the people using Facebook, the company's mailing list? How to use Facebook people to pull out of the house? Practical exercises
pginttrade Ein praktisches Handbuch für internationalen Handel 14 hours Warum sollten Sie teilnehmen? Wir leben und arbeiten in einem zunehmend globalen Markt, der ständig neue Möglichkeiten anbietet, die wir wahrnehmen müssen. In gewisser Weise wird der Weltmarkt immer leichter zugänglich, besonders dank der Entwicklung des Internets.  Trotz dieser steigenden Möglichkeiten bleibt eine gewisse Komplexität und Unübersichtlichkeit des internationalen Handelns erhalten. Die besten Mittel, um seinen eigenen Platz auf dem Markt zu finden, zu kennen ist essentiell für den Erfolg und das Wachstum eines jeden Unternehmens. Wissen, Techniken und Strategien, die man während unseres Trainings erwirbt, ermöglichen es Ihnen,  internationales Wachstum zu fördern und Ihre Ziele in die Realität umzusetzen. Ist der Handel eine zunehmende Herausforderung für Sie und ihre Firma? Sind Sie darauf angewiesen, neue Märkte und Kunden zu finden? Müssen Sie Ihre Absätze und Ertragskraft steigern?   Falls die Antwort auf eine dieser Fragen Ja lautet, ist dieser Kurs ein Muss. Das Wissen, das wir Ihnen vermitteln, wird Sie in neue Märkte hineinbringen und macht es möglich, neue Kunden zu finden. Von der Theorie in die Praxis: Der Zweck dieses 2-tägigen Trainings ist es, die Prozesse im internationalen Handel zu erklären und zu vereinfachen. Sie werden die Veranstaltung verlassen und zuversichtlich und selbstsicher sein, die internationalen Aktivitäten Ihres Unternehmens zu erweitern.  Wir werden Ihnen zahlreiche Beispiele (im Zusammenhang mit dem Handel in Fernost, Osteuropa, USA und andere Märkten), Fallstudien und Übungen bieten, die es Ihnen ermöglichen, Ihr Wissen über den internationalen Handel zu erweitern und zu verbessern.      Wer sollte teilnehmen? Dieser Kurs wurde für Verkaufs- und Marketingleiter sowie Berufstätige im internationalen Handel entworfen. Dieser Kurs ist ebenfalls unerlässlich für jeden, der mit anderen Märkten Handel betreibt und sein Wissen und seine Herangehensweise verbessern möchte.   Im internationalen Vertrieb erfolgreich sein Methoden, um Ihre Produkte/Dienstleistungen in neue Märkte zu bringen Übungen und optimale Möglichkeiten für Firmen, ihre Präsenz in neuen und existierenden Überseemärkten auszubauen Mittel der Kommunikation, um erhöhte Absätze zu erzielen, einschließlich face-to-face-Meetings – der beste Weg, Beziehungen aufzubauen und somit das Unternehmen weiterzuentwickeln Konkrete Beispiele von internationalen Verkaufserfahrungen in Fernost- und US-Märkten Besonderheiten von internationalem Marketing Methoden, um Ihre Produkte zu vermarkten Die besten Übungen zum internationalen Marketing Praktische Beispiele/Übungen, um die Märkte in Fernost, Europa, US etc. zu unterscheiden Verhandlungstips: im Inland und im Ausland Unterschiede zwischen heimischen und internationalen Handel Aktuelle Methoden des Verhandelns im Rahmen von internationalem Kauf und Verkauf Besonderheiten von Kundenbeziehungsmanagement im internationalen Handel Die besten Beispiele von Kauf- und Verkaufserfahrungen im internationalen Handel Kulturelle Aspekte des internationalen Handels. Wie man im ausland anerkannt wird. Nuancen von kulturellem Verhalten in unterschiedlichen Märkten Einzigartige Verhaltensbesonderheiten einiger Kulturen bedenken Beispiele kultureller Besonderheiten in Nahost, Osteuropa, USA und anderen Märkten sowie die besten Mittel, diese zu handhaben Vorteile für Sie: Wesentliches Wissen und die aktuellsten Informationen über den internationalen Handel erhalten Mehr Selbstbewusstsein, eine positive Einstellung und eine bessere Ausrüstung, um Ihr Unternehmen zu erweitern, besonders in neuen und wachsenden internationalen Märkten Von den besten Übungen erfolgreicher Firmen lernen sowie an Diskussionen und Aufgabenstellungen teilnehmen wird Ihnen und Ihrer Firma helfen, neue Märkte zu erobern und macht es möglich, neue Kunden zu gewinnen Passende Methoden entdecken, um auf neue Märkte zuzugreifen Die besten Lösungen und nützliche Instrumente finden, die für Ihre Firma oder Branche von Relevanz sind
netmrk Das Internet als Absatzweg für Unternehmen 14 hours Why Focus On Using The Internet As A Marketing Channel [for Promotion & Consumption of your products and/or services]? Your company may have a superior product in terms of Brand Recognition, Pricing & Usability however - without giving adequate attention to the path that the product takes before it end up in the hands of the end user; your organization can quickly find itself losing significant market share. The internet is becoming increasingly involved in the purchasing decisions of the end user. The internet can be both a strategic Promotion as well as Consumption channel. The challenge however is for organizations to incorporate the internet into the corporate plans from a strategic perspective. Benefits of attending this comprehensive course will include : Learning practical tips how to stabilize existing client bases, acquire new customers and ultimately drive revenues Getting simply stated, armed with the practical, down to earth, tried and tested information Enabling the organizations to modify and extend their strategies & Tactics as appropriate in order to separate themselves from the competition Why should you attend? The overall effective use of the internet as a channel to market works in conjunction with the existing components of the Business strategy, such as Branding, Pricing, the USP & specific target Market segments in order to ultimately sell more to existing customers as well as acquiring new ones. As the focus of this program extends far beyond the standard practice of a company having a website and employing an agency to run Pay Per click campaigns all those involved with the Sales, Marketing and Support functions of the organisation will gain from exposing themselves to the content of the seminar. Theory into Practice The program examines and challenges key existing offline Mmarketing strategies & tactics and makes use of discussion and analysis as a foundation of how to incorporate them with full use of the internet and the New Technologies as a marketing channel. Attendees will be given practical examples, tools and techniques which will help them to strengthen and bolster existing plans by incorporating the internet into Business and Marketing strategies, making use of the new technologies. Some of the sections & subject matter of the seminar are as follows: Engaging customers via the corporate website Social Media Marketing Mobile Marketing Video Marketing Audio Marketing Pay per click traffic vs/in conjunction with organic traffic generation Outsourcing traffic generation vs PPc fees Developing traffic generation via natural organic search listings Bringing clients into the lead generation funnel via the internet Building a database of potential clients Auto responder systems Generating market research subjects Educating users in exchange for customer information Online membership sites Provision of online manuals and training List segmentation Identifying potential buyers Dominating the search engines Getting into the mind of the internet user Keyword research SERPS [search engine ranking positionings] for all major product categories Natural organic traffic Link Popularity / Link Reputation Move clients from online to offline Use of lead generation details Engaging clients in various online stages Selling at the top of the funnel Cycles of online and offline communication Affiliate and joint venture marketing Engaging with partner organizations Managing the relationship Making use of customer list Affiliate marketing Joint venture marketing Social media as part of the overall business strategy Generating traffic via social media presence Which social media sites to focus on Content Delivery Using lead generation to guide clients through the marketing funnel Engaging with different types of content
3246 Soziale Medien - facebook, twitter, blog, youtube, google+ 7 hours Marketing on the Internet What is socialmedia? phenomenon of online communities Examples of current Internet campaigns The main advantages of social media over traditional communication channels Social Media and Advertising Business benefits resulting from the campaign socialmedia Selection of the communication channel E-Consumers - participants rather than users - who they are, they are looking for and what you expect? Basic terminology in e-marketing Targeting online advertising The performance indicators Efficiency and optimization activities Social networks: scopes, operation, function Building a community around the brand - goals and methods Engagement Marketing on social networks Word of Mouth Marketing - Opportunities and threats and a code of good practice. Viral Marketing - how to design a successful viral campaign advertising campaigns Handling of critical situations Overview and specifications of basic communication platforms and their use in various industries Facebook Twitter Google+ Microblogs Discussion Forums YouTube Our class Company blog Services news Citizen journalism Cooperation with bloggers Image creation Create a campaign image on the web Basic principles of creating communication strategies in social media Effective communication on the internet Language Internet. What to focus on and with what to give up. Mobile technologies. Rules for a good e-mailing Newsletters Analysis and monitoring whether our actions are achieving the intended benefits Available analytical tools and their application in practice: Statistics Facebook and YouTube Google Analytics Available Social Media Monitoring Tool Practical measurement of ROI, the cost of obtaining the user / customer and their activation Assessment of the impact of Social Media on the image of the brand as a whole Case studies Completion of training and assessment
yourbb Verständnis Ihrer Marke und Ihres Unternehmens 21 hours Audience This course is designed for all staff requiring a wider view of their part of the business; their specific roles within it; and of their involvement in improving its contribution to the organisation as a whole Format of the course A combination of: Facilitated Discussions Slide Presentations Exercises By the end of the workshop, attendees will be able to: Explain what “brand” is and how they can influence it Understand the process for Change strategies and your company’s position within them Detail the relevant principles underlying any change to a business Realise the importance of Customer / Stakeholder relationships in the successful running of any business Define the financial aspects of a business and of the delegates’ part of that business Determine the important aspects of negotiating to ensure the best possible outcome for their part of the business Understanding “Brand” What is a “brand”? What is your company’s brand? What can I do to influence the strength of the my company’s brand? Basic Change Strategies The need for a company’s managers constantly to assess the current status of their part of the organisation – particularly when compared with its peers and competitors – and introduce pro-active (rather than re-active) changes The “STARS” model of Change Strategies and Planning Change Management How / Why previous change has gone well? How / Why previous change has not gone well? Lessons to be learned from previous change initiatives (in your company and elsewhere) The 9 Change principles – and putting them into practice Lewin’s model of Change Implementation The Change Kaleidoscope The Psychological Affects of change How am I feeling now? How are my colleagues felling now? How will I / they feel as a change process unfolds? Customer / Stakeholder Relationships What is a Customer? What is a Stakeholder? How can I get the most from each Customer / Stakeholder interaction? The Service : Profit Chain Financial Aspects of a Business Financial Statements: Balance Sheets Profit & Loss Accounts Financial Forecasts: Budgets Cash-Flow Forecasts Business Cases Setting Objectives Vision / Mission Statements Objective Setting to meet deliver the Mission Statements Performance Management to exceed the agreed Objectives Negotiating for Best Results Communication in Negotiation The importance of Effective Presentations Different Negotiating Strategies Comparing Strategies Building Rapport The 3-phase Negotiating Process
b2bbrandman B2B Markenmanagement 7 hours A lot of courses deal with Brand Management but only few of them focuses on Business to Business branding. This course focuses on B2B branding which is substantially different from B2C brand management. B2B Branding Characteristics Differences between B2C and B2B branding B2B brand Relevance Power of the Business Brand B2B Branding Dimensions Brand Distinction Brand Communication Brand Evaluation Brand Specialities B2B Branding Process Brand Planning Brand Analysis Brand Strategy Brand Building Brand Audit B2B Success Stories Samsung IBM Siemens Lenovo Branding Pitfalls Is a brand something you own? Do brands take care of themselves? Brand Awareness vs. Brand Relevance Can Outsiders do your brand job? Branding in Big Picture Corporate Social Responsibility Branding in East Asia Design and Branding Brand Leadership

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Introduction to Advertising - NürnbergDi, 2016-12-20 09:30990EUR / 1340EUR
A Practical Guide to International Trade - BremenDo, 2016-12-22 09:302080EUR / 2580EUR
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