Ansible Schulungen

Ansible Schulungen

Ansible Konfiguration Management Software Schulung


Ansible Schulungsübersicht

Code Name Dauer Übersicht
advans Advanced Automation with Ansible 14 hours The course is intended to give engineers who currently use Ansible knowledge of the deeper and more specialist areas involved in it's application. The aim of the workshop is to give a greater understanding of what goes on "under the hood", how Ansible can be used in the application development lifecycle, and how Ansible can be tailored for scaled and enterprise environments.
ansibleautointro Introduction to Ansible Automation 7 hours Ansible solves the problem: "We've got the server configuration we want, we've put in the time figuring it out; now how to we automate all that?"
ansiblecm Managing Configuration with Ansible 21 hours This course has been created to system administrators who want to automate system and application configuration management with Ansible. This course focuses mostly on Linux/Unix servers.

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