Finanzmärkte Schulungen

Finanzmärkte Schulungen

Financial Markets Courses


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fixincom Introduction to Fixed Income 14 hours The Introduction to Fixed Income training course is an overview of the fixed income securities designed for anyone seeking a solid understanding of fixed income securities and financial markets.
3028 Devisenhandel und der Währungsmarkt für Unternehmen - grundlegende und mittlere Kenntnisse 7 hours The course covers issues related to foreign exchange risk management in the company. It shows how, using various financial instruments and foreign exchange analysis (technical and fundamental) can be almost completely eliminated in many cases, the negative impact of exchange rate fluctuations on cash flow and turnover of the main activities of the importer and the exporter (the core business).
stockexin Stock Exchange und Investment 7 hours This training is designed for anyone who is interested in the stock exchange and investment. It intends to make people understand the technicalities with simple examples. This course will explain how the stock exchange works in relation to the London Stock Exchange. It guides you through the history of LSE and other Stock Exchanges. The participant will get familiar with financial site of LSE, how the share prices are calculated and what derivatives are and how the stock exchange is regulated by the government. This course does NOT advise you what to invest in!
finmrkts Financial Markets 14 hours This introductory course will provide participants with a first class and detailed working knowledge of the key financial markets, their purpose, function, main activities and their regulation. It is intended to be part refresher, part educational and part challenging so that all delegates will derive the maximum benefit from it. Feedback and discussion will be actively encouraged throughout the sessions which are intended to be interactive not just reactive and factual. The primary function is to ensure that by completion, all course delegates will be much better equipped to deal with clients and their ongoing needs and to put into context the services and markets in which they are trading and participating.

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