Pattern Recognition Schulungen

Pattern Recognition Schulungen

Mustererkennung ist ein Zweig des maschinellen Lernens, der sich auf die Erkennung von Mustern und Gesetzmäßigkeiten in Daten konzentriert.

Pattern Recognition Schulungsübersicht

Code Name Dauer Übersicht
datamodeling Pattern Recognition 35 hours This course provides an introduction into the field of pattern recognition and machine learning. It touches on practical applications in statistics, computer science, signal processing, computer vision, data mining, and bioinformatics. The course is interactive and includes plenty of hands-on exercises, instructor feedback, and testing of knowledge and skills acquired. Audience     Data analysts     PhD students, researchers and practitioners  
patternmatching Pattern Matching 14 hours Pattern Matching is a technique used to locate specified patterns within an image. It can be used to determine the existence of specified characteristics within a captured image, for example the expected label on a defective product in a factory line or the specified dimensions of a component. It is different from "Pattern Recognition" (which recognizes general patterns based on larger collections of related samples) in that it specifically dictates what we are looking for, then tells us whether the expected pattern exists or not. Audience     Engineers and developers seeking to develop machine vision applications     Manufacturing engineers, technicians and managers Format of the course     This course introduces the approaches, technologies and algorithms used in the field of pattern matching as it applies to Machine Vision.

Zukünftige Kurse

CourseSchulungsdatumKurspreis (Fernkurs / Schulungsraum)
Pattern Recognition - DüsseldorfMo, 2018-05-14 09:308750EUR / 9950EUR
Pattern Recognition - PotsdamMo, 2018-05-14 09:308750EUR / 9950EUR
Pattern Recognition - BremenMo, 2018-05-14 09:308750EUR / 9950EUR
Pattern Matching - LeipzigMi, 2018-05-16 09:303500EUR / 4100EUR
Pattern Matching - Berlin Do, 2018-05-17 09:303500EUR / 4100EUR
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